Trump calls Punxsutawney Phil.

Transcript of the President’s call today with Punxsutawney Phil:

Phil: Good morning, Mr. President.
President: Good morning, Phil. How are you?
Phil: Very well. A little jittery but well. How are you?
President: Tremendous. Listen, Phil, I hear you’ve decided on six more weeks of winter.
Phil: Well, it’s not a decision. I just utilize a series of indicators to predict …
President: Okay, well look. The problem is the people of this country would prefer spring over winter. More »

Tony was shining a flashlight here and there on the dark street for the second time in two nights. He illuminated the plastic garbage can pulled to the roadside for pickup in the morning. A white bag, stacked on two others, peaked above the rim.

He pointed the light toward bushes and brush across the road, then up and down the road itself. He saw no movement.

Tony went back inside. Then a few minutes later, he heard it again. The garbage can was moving, scraping on the cement.

Back outside, he lifted the top back and investigated. The flashlight’s beam was bright inside the can. He could see nothing that would be disturbing it. He replaced the bag and again illuminated the surroundings. He heard crickets and cars in the distance but little else.

Last night, he’d heard an SUV screech. The horn blasted. Then it sped on. More »

Lady and Man were asleep. Man was snoring. Theodore was awake.

A sound had woken Theodore. He’d heard voices and other sounds, and they had woken him.

Theodore emerged from beneath the covers and jumped to the hardwood floor. The thump and claw clicks did not wake Lady andMan.

Man had failed to shut the bedroom door. Theodore worked the door back with his nose and snuck through a thin opening. He shuffled across the hallway and into the guest bedroom.

Man continued to snore.

Theodore leaped into the seat and then the top of the chair near the window. He peered through the linen curtains.

The scene outside was dark and still. Theodore surveyed the yard, walkway, houses, street, trees, cars. Wait. Lady’s car was different. It was parked off the street, but that was normal. It faced away from the tree, but that was normal. White markings smeared the windshield, windows, sunroof and mirrors. This was not normal. Theodore growled. The white shapes and words were not usually on the car. Theodore continued to growl. Man and Lady still slept.

A head bobbed above the car’s hood. Theodore’s ears perked. Another face appeared near the car’s rear. Theodore’s building growl returned. More »